Supporting reliable & renewable power grids backed by Bitcoin mining.


Who We Are

Cormint is a Bitcoin mining operator with a history of building world class facilities in the USA.

Cormint’s facilities are built around the principles of operational efficiency, security, and cleanliness. Our immersion cooled mining modules will maximize the lifespan of Bitcoin ASICs.

Cormint’s mission is to support renewable energy without sacrificing grid stability, adding Bitcoin mining loads to renewable generation sites is the first step in this vision for the future.



Cormint’s immersion technology will maximize the economic value of mining equipment; facilitating extended machine lifespan, overclocking capability and lowest opex. 


Learn more about why Cormint’s mining facilities are the best place on earth to host your Bitcoin ASICs.

Our Services

At Cormint Data Systems, we take a customer-first approach. Our clients count on us to deliver a world class hosting experience at an affordable price.

Cormint’s mining modules are built to withstand the harshest climates. Our design was engineered to be simple, reliable and robust. Hosting your miner at a Cormint facility is the best way to secure a long term Bitcoin income stream.


Hardware Procurement

Infrastructure Design

Photo of a wind farm in texas.

Supporting a Renewable Energy Future

Wind farm economics in West Texas are under pressure due to overbuilding and lack of consistent demand. Cormint’s Bitcoin mining facilities will economically stimulate this renewable generation while supporting a stable and reliable electrical grid.


4 years experience

144 blocks per day

24/7 customer service

500 MW hosting capacity

News & Blog

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The bill formally defines virtual currencies and offers individuals and businesses a clear legal environment for bitcoin investment.


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