Cormint’s Weather Resistant Adaptive Immersion Technology (WRAITH) was designed to provide a stable computing environment in volatile climate conditions.


Image of mining rigs.
Cormint’s immersion mining is superior to traditional air cooled systems:

  • Maximize machine lifespan
  • Increase revenue via overclocking
  • Optimize efficiency (PUE)
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Deployable anywhere, no water required!

Inside Look

Photo of site.
Aerial photo of site.
Interior photo of mining site.
Aerial photo of site.

Who We Are

The cormint team is comprised of industry-leading experts in engineering, power grid operations, commodity trading, electricity trading and Bitcoin mining.


Cormint is committed to building its operations with economic and enivironmental sustainability at the forefront while contributing a positive impact to the grid and the surrounding communities.

News & Blog

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